Alumni Services

Leadership Knoxville Alumni

Programs Open Doors, Membership Keeps Them Open.

A cornerstone to the success of Leadership Knoxville is the continued involvement of the graduates. With more than 1,300 graduates of the flagship program as well as 1250 graduates of the Introduction Knoxville program, membership is the most comprehensive way to support the work of Leadership Knoxville and continue the gathering and networking garnered from this experience. We work to ensure a variety of unique programs and events are offered each year to help build skills, connect alumni and impact our community. Membership dues are a minimal cost to help build community leaders that will impact where we live, work and play.

  • Reconnect with your classmates and fellow alumni at the Annual Homecoming Party aka “BEST PARTY EVER” and meet the newest LK and IK class members while celebrating all the classes of Leadership Knoxville and Introduction Knoxville.
  • Attend the largest annual fundraising event of Leadership Knoxville along with City and County Mayors at the Mayors’ Leadership Luncheon featuring the most recent graduates of Leadership Knoxville, the presentation of the Distinguished Alumni Award and an inspiring keynote presentation.
  • Support Leadership Knoxville’s mission of building servant leaders to affect positive change in East Tennessee and beyond.